Sunday, July 6, 2008

Review:The Last Plague by Glen E. Page, MD

Review of The Last Plague by Glen E. Page, MD

Publisher's Summary:
A young girl is brought into Dr. Douglas Hunter's ER one night with her abdomen ripped open. One of her ovaries has been stolen; the other is as hard and black as coal. When the bodies of more young girls are discovered, their ovaries also missing, Dr. Hunter and his family of adopted misfits find themselves unwittingly drawn into a dark plot of government intrigue and biblical prophecy. As Dr. Hunter investigates the cause behind this mysterious plague, he and his family uncover unsettling connections, not only between their own painful pasts, but to war crimes in Nazi Germany and even events from the days of Christ. The investigation attracts the attention of a group of ruthless people with mysterious powers who are determined to keep the plague a secret. But as more secrets come to light, Dr. Hunter realizes his family may be facing the last plague, the beginnings of the Apocalypse.

The Last Plague is a gripping exciting tale. A mystery story set to the backdrop of religious and mythological events, the tale makes for a no-sleeper. It's characters are interesting but they are over shadowed by the ever evolving story.

The writing is different. While not too descriptive or action packed, the story keeps a steady pace, but doesn't lose any suspense or wonder.

The story itself is quite odd and the cliff hanger is a a killer. I will be eagerly awaiting the 2nd book in the Apocalypse series.

In conclusion: An awesome religious supernatural read. Recommended for my questioners :) Actually recommended to all who have ever honestly thought about a divine(no nuclear weapons or giant asteroid) apocalypse.

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