Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Review:When Harry Hit Hollywood by Mara Goodman-Davies

Review of When Harry it Hollywood by Mara Goodman-Davies

Jessica used to paint idly in her East Hampton garden. Now she ducks paparazzi hiding in the bushes. She used to live quietly, happy to be in the shadows. Now she's on the front page of every tabloid magazine.

No one said life on the A List would be easy.

When Harry Hit Hollywood is the hilarious story of celebrity marriage, where paparazzi watch you wash your hair, and every argument makes Page Six.

When sweet, quiet Jessica married Harry-Hollywood's most notorious billionaire bachelor-she knew she'd have to work hard to mend his hard-partying ways. But she didn't expect to become the "it" couple, crowned America's new royalty and adored by celebrities.

A hilarious send-up of the Hollywood scene, When Harry Hit Hollywood is a true-love story of when heartland values meet the cash and panache of the rich and ridiculous.

Every once in awhile I will review books that aren't YA or have been out for awhile. This book falls into both of those categories. I picked this book up because I have an obsession with Hollywood. I work at my local library and this happened to be in discard because we had 2 copies.

The story itself was very good. It's about a New York artist who marries a rich heir to a clothing company's fortune- who also is a big partier. They go through ups and downs as a couple. The writing was a little choppy as I felt it could of been expanded more.

NOTE: As mentioned before, this is not teen or young adult fiction. Do not read if you are easily offended by language or sexual descriptions.

In conclusion: a fun read. Nothing out of the ordinary but if you are interested in Hollywood or being A-List and a little dirt along the way-I highly recommend it.

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