Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review:Pug Hill by Alison Pace

Review of Pug Hill by Alison Pace

For Holly Golightly, there was always Tiffany's. For me, there's always Pug Hill. For as long as I've lived in New York, whenever I've just wanted to think, or relax, or be happy, or even sad, my destination of choice has been, without fail, Pug Hill.
For Hope McNeill, pugs are love, unconditional friendship, happiness, and freedom-all qualities currently in short supply in her own life. She's also short on time and apartment space, and for those reasons she doesn't have a pug of her own. But she does have Pug Hill in Central Park, where pugs (and their owners) from all over New York City convene.
She also has a serious crush on one of her co-workers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a flailing relationship with her squash-playing, cold-weather-loving boyfriend, and an unspeakable fear of public speaking. When Hope's father calls with a daunting assignment-to make a speech at her parent's fortieth wedding anniversary party-Hope is completely taken off guard. As a last resort, she signs up for a public speaking class, but can't help wondering, will it be enough?

This is one of those books that when asked if I liked it, I respond with " I guess I liked it...."

Yes, parts where witty and funny

Yes, there are pugs on the cover-more incentive to buy it

No, nothing really happens in the book.

I felt like the main character Hope, did not really go through any drastic changed throughout the book, and it kinda bored me. There where parts that where funny and parts that where interesting but all in all, all she learned to do was Public speaking and it just felt like almost repetitive. She gets dumped a few times. I didn't get a feeling of completion with it.

In conclusion: if you are looking for an uneventful, filled with pugs and witty jokes kinda book-this is for you.

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Breanna said...

My mom felt pretty much exactly the same way as you did when she read this book. I actually don't think she even finished it. So I didn't even try to read it, lol.