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Review:Quondam by Jayel Gibson

Review of Quondam by Jayel Gibson

I really should start an award ceremony for books because everybook I read gets a new sort of category.

This book would win the OMG I can't believe how good this book was Award

I found this book by chance. I find most of the books I read by searching around. I discovered The Ancient Mirrors series by clicking on someones blog. From there I clicked a link. And then from this link I found Ms. Gibson's site. The art Ms. Gibson commisions for her work is AMAZING and it really drew me in to finding out more about her work. So I discover that she has an upcoming fantasy book called Quondam coming out-I honestly didn't read much into it-but I emailed around and before you know it I am sent a beautiful advanced copy of Quondam

Like I said-I didn't really look into this book at all. I realized after I get it that A) there where 3 books before it and B) everbody's name is really long and has stange commas in it

I was intimidated by this book. I really didn't know If I could handle it. I was afraid I was going to get completly confused and not get it and *continues rambling about how scared I was of book*

14 minutes later after I go through how scared I am of it. I actually start to read it.

This was Thurday. It is now Saturday. The book is 320 pages long with small type.

To tell you all the truth-I was addicted to this book. I just got so caught up in it and I couldn't put it down.

Okay so now you know my story about it. Here's the actual review-bare with me cause this has Hamlet like family connections that get confusing. I'll go with each main character

Cwen-a Queen's niece that get's sucked into Quondam along w/ her aunt and her cousin
D'raekn-...........................where do I begin. He is 1/2 human, 1/2 dragon. He is the rightful heir of Quondam's throne but Kadrid has taken over Quondam.

I'm sure as you all can imagine that there is romance involved as well. I'm not going to go into it because it is such a beautiful part of the book and I don't want to butcher it with my rambling

If you are still alittle iffy on this book here's how I would describe it in the easiest form.

C.S's Lewis's Lion Witch and the Wardrobe -talking lions + Dragons + romance + some steam :) + cool character names - annoying Edmund + beautiful locations + PURE AWESOME= Quondam.

This book isn't really young adult but there is nothing in it that is any worse than anything I've read in YA and Teen novels-just some steam and a few curses here and there. This book is unlike anything I have ever read before and I loved it. I don't think I will be reading the 1st 3 anytime soon. I'm so busy and have a lot of other things to read. But the real reason is this. I love the picture this book painted in my head and I LOVE the way it is, I'm unsure it I want to change it. Besides-the other 3 can't have any Cwen/D'raekn romance in them. I WILL however definetly be checking out Ms. Gibson's next series Ever'neath - She is a great writer and I am glad to have discovered her.

Quondam, I believe, was released May 1.

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