Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review:Guinevere's Gift by Nancy McKenzie

Review of Guinevere's Gift by Nancy McKenzie

Gwen is a young girl who is sent to live in her cousin's kingdom after her father becomes ill. She loves horses. At her birth it was said she would be the highest lady in the land. This book follows Gwen on her adventures as a young girl. Gwen of couse grows up to be Guinevere, wife of King Arthur and lover of Sir Lancelot of the Lake.

This book has a wonderful mixture of teen-ness and arthurian legend. Too often historyical fiction for teens is too dumbed down or tries too hard to make the teen relate to the story. These books usually loose the historical feel to them. This book balanced history and young adult wonderfully.

Ms. McKenzie is a very good writer(I really want to read Prince of Dreams by her) Her writing is very detailed and has good imagery.

The characters in this book where very vivid. They each felt real and had each their own and unique personalities.

I enjoyed the book and eagerly await the next book in the Chrysalis Queen Quartet

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