Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Author New Release Program-Please pass this around :)

This stands for these 2 sites
General YA/Teen
Vampire YA/Teen Fiction-

alrighty, I'm offering this up because A) It seems like a cool idea and B) I think a lot of author's would be interested in it.

Here's how it goes. The Author Package is designed so that you can get some free publicity surrounding your books release. Here's how it will work,

This is what it would consist of:
A Review of your book released about 2 weeks or so before release-your choice
A Layout based on your book on my blog for the week before and after the release
An Interview posted the day of the release or around that time-your choice :)
Book name added to archive of Books participated in the Program(obviously not out yet)

The only requirement I have is that you provide an advanced copy of it for me to review (I can't review something if I can't buy it somewhere :)) and(if possible, as it's just a small tradition of mine) that you sign the inside of book for me. I'm an autograph junky and I love signed stuff- so It is greatly appreciated. It's not going to end up on eBay-rest assured-no one touches my signed books.

I do get a lot of viewers and I feel this is a great way of publicity for a book-you are hitting a target audience that will go out an buy your book.

So please even if you don't have an upcoming release, please pass this around to your author friends. It's greatly appreciate as I would like to get this program up and on it's feet. I know so many books could benefit from this.

You can email me at if you are interested


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